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Drive your business into the future, with an application that is built to improve the way you manage your business.


Predictive Ordering

Advanced and accurate predictive ordering ensures you always have the stock you need to meet your sales. We use a tried and tested algorithm that analyses your sales history and data and accurately predicts your future usages, with this we can predict what stock you need to order. With our predictive ordering stock issues will be a thing of the past.


Production Planning

We use live, up to the minute sales data to predict what products you need and when. We allow users to define custom products made up from items in their inventory and align with POS systems to ensure the highest accuracy. Using our production planning will guarantee your customers will always get what they want when they want it.



We use a combination of the market leading Business Intelligence solutions to provide our customers with unmatched transparency of their data. Through our analytics users gain previously unseen insights into understanding their business, clients and relationships.


Stock Take

Our advanced stock take feature connects with your POS and takes into account pending orders and deliveries, in turn offering our users the smartest stock take system out there. Read and update all stock live and in real time.

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